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HIFU For Fibroids Treatment

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a non-invasive way to treat uterine fibroids. HIFU uses real-time ultrasound and high-intensity ultrasound waves to generate localized heat to specifically target individual fibroids to destroy the cells. 

Using this treatment method, in conjunction with image guidance, the physician will be able to heat and destroy the fibroid tissue without damaging nearby tissue or the tissues that the beam passes through on its way to the target.

The technology was first introduced in 2002, at the University of Oxford, UK. Since then, the technology has been introduced in over 28 countries and regions worldwide, successfully treating over 150,000 cases of benign and malignant tumours.

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Why Us?


HIFU is a non-invasive treatment that eliminates the need for surgery.

Short Recovery Time

Recovery time is short and patients can return to work and activities of normal life (usually the next day).

No Blood Loss

With HIFU, there is no risk of blood loss, damage to organs, and tissue.

Low Complications

HIFU offers a low rate of complications. Unlike other treatments available, the risk of complications resulting from blood loss, infections, injury to organs or use of anaesthesia is minimal.

Preserves Fertility

It preserves fertility and women are able to conceive and have normal pregnancies after treatment.

Who is Suitable for HIFU Treatment for Fibroids?

Those with adenomyosis


Persons not fit for surgery


Those who wish to avoid surgery

What To Expect Before And After Each Treatment Session?

  1. No sex 3 days before treatment
  2. Remove IUD if any
  3. Shave entire pubic area
  4. Bowel preparation with enema
  5. Diet requirements:
    – 3 days before: Light diet low in vegetables and beans
    – 1 day before: Liquid diet
    – 8 hours before: No eating
  1. Lie prone for about 2 hours after treatment
  2. Liquid food is allowed 2 hours after treatment and normal diet can be resumed 24 hours after treatment
  3. Keep the pubic area clean
  4. No sex after treatment till the next menstrual cycle
  5. Temporary contraception may be advised for a few months
  6. Inserting of IUD should only be done after 3 normal menstrual cycles
  7. Follow up with ultrasound or MRI scan is advised (3, 6 and 12 months)

Nordica Fibroids Care Centre

Uterine fibroids are the most common benign tumors in women of reproductive age and one of the commonest reasons women undergo surgery. But as research advances and new approaches to care are implemented, open surgeries are becoming less necessary for treating fibroids.

With the introduction of Chongqing Haifu’s HIFU system in Nigeria, Nigerian women with benign uterine diseases will be treated in an incision-less, no-bleeding, and noninvasive manner, and their uteri and fertility will be preserved.

We have a team of highly trained medical and nursing personnel. The medical team is headed by Dr Abayomi Ajayi, a member of the American Association for Gynaecological Laparoscopy (AAGL) and International Society for Gynecological Endoscopy, (ISGE).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ultrasound is sound waves that are transmitted at a frequency higher than 20,000 Hz per second and it is beyond the normal hearing range of humans. 

Focused ultrasound is a noninvasive treatment therapy. Its working principle is to make use of the effective penetration of ultrasound waves through human tissues; the ultrasound beams generated by the ultrasound transducer outside the human body is precisely focused on the target lesion in the body, causing coagulative necrosis of the lesion by the conversion of mechanical effect into thermal and cavitation effect, thereby achieving non-invasive ablation of the lesion. It has been applied not only in the treatment of solid tumors, such as uterine fibroids, adenomyosis, liver tumors, pancreatic cancer, kidney tumors, bone tumors and breast tumors. 

High intensity focused ultrasound ablation (HIFU ablation) is a new technology to ablate and kill the tumors in the body without cutting open or puncturing, so HIFU ablation is also called focused ultrasound ablative technology. 

Its working principle is similar to using a convex lens to concentrate the sunlight which produces high temperature at the focal point that can lit the paper on fire. Ultrasound can also be focused and travels through the body safely. As a noninvasive therapy, HIFUfocuses the ultrasound energy outside the human body on the target lesion inside the body, producing high temperature (60 ℃ or higher) at the focal point instantly and causing irreversible coagulative necrosis of the target lesion, without damaging the tissues in the acoustic pathway and those surrounding the target lesion. The necrotic tissues will be gradually absorbed or become scars (fibrosis). 

As a non-invasive therapy, HIFU ablation requires no anesthesia but a small amount of sedatives and analgesics, which allows the patient to stay awake during treatment and report her discomfort (if any) to the doctor in time. And the sedatives and analgesics used will be metabolized quickly in the body with almost no side effects. 

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